Together with Ekaterina Nikitina, we venture into a visual exploration that blurs the lines between selfhood and facade. This series unveils characters shrouded in carefully crafted masks, some born from our own imaginations, others echoing tales from literature, bridging science fiction to ancient myths. Each photograph poses a contemplation: How does a mask, when juxtaposed with the human form, silently craft its own narrative? How does it influence the canvas of the body, and in doing so, challenge our perceptions of identity and reality?
Behind the imposing, and at times disconcerting, presence of each mask is the potential for hidden depth. We hope that each mask, in its own unique way, might hint at stories, emotions, or even worlds we've tried to capture. While they serve as captivating facades, we believe they might also harbor narratives waiting to be uncovered. We invite viewers to engage, interpret, and perhaps find the stories we hope each mask can tell.